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What it is to be human

What is it to be human? That particular combination of utter weakness, and mind blowing strength. That possibility of being both at the very same time. Being able to be torn up, eaten up and simultaneously completely whole. For me, that is what being human is. And within that existence, there is the purely magical. The idea that anything is possible, that limits are a futile figment of imagination. Here are three films that deal with being human, in the most fantastic way possible. Fill your winter nights with AWE! 

First up: 'Untethered' - Human madness and jaw dropping defiance!

Out of breath after a run around the block? Watch 'Unbreakable: The Western States 100' 

And one you may have to dig a little further to watch. The beautiful 'Grazing the Sky', where the incredible meets the fragility that comes with being human. Happy watching!