Sports massage is designed to help any moving body (from yogis to runners and world class athletes, but not limited to the sporty type!) reach optimal function. Using a range of techniques, this massage is ideal to assist in reducing restrictions in range of motion, and also correcting problems and imbalances in soft tissues. These can be caused by repetitive and / or strenuous activity, posture or injury. Sports Massage is also an ideal treatment to help recovery from a big event or help promote ease and injury prevention during training periods. I have worked with yoga teachers, athletes, dancers both as a therapist and a yoga teacher. My background as a dancer gives me a deeper understanding of the rigours of movement and athletic training. I am also a student of osteopathic medicine and offer Kinesiology taping where appropriate. 

To book or enquire, e-mail me via the contact page. Treatment can be booked at yogahaven Richmond, Yogarise Peckham, or in the comfort of your home.